New assignment

Today I started on my new client/assignment, Venspro. The day started with a nice 18km traffic-jam, but I finally drove into the parking-lot at Hoofddorp right behind the IT-manager, so it didn’t matter that I was late. I will be handling most of the non-windows IT operations for Venspro for the next months, so I have a chance to spice-up my resume with load-balancing, cisco, san, oracle- and apache cluster and network-maintenance skills. I really enjoyed my first day and had a chance to do some actual useful work immediately.
They day also finished nicely with cake and champagne, since Venspro just had a succesful product launch ( that weekend.

Working in Hoofddorp means a shorter drive to work, and also means I’ll be able to drop by in Amsterdam some more. The company seems real nice, and the people there all were a lot of fun to be around, I think I’ll enjoy myself a lot in the coming months 🙂

Re: Deckardt: Google shaping the world

My reply to Deckardt‘s posting ‘google-shaping-the-world

Google has great potential to use this massive amount of data at their disposal. That’s why it’s important that their company motto is “Don’t do Evil”.
Great care is taken to make sure that the data is only used in ways that are acceptable. Of course this is also in Google’s interest, as no-one would use their services so much if we couldn’t trust our data to the company.
We should all take care to keep some things to ourselves, and not put privacy-sensitive or business data on outside sources if we are not willing to live with the consequences. (That’s why we have a corporate policy against using Gmail etc for ‘work’.)
In the end it’s a balance between convenience and privacy, and each of us will have to make their own decision about how much we use these services.

A day in Zurich

I was invited to visit Zurich for a day. I left from Schiphol airport last sunday evening arriving at Kloten Airport around 19:30 where I was picked up by my old friend Jos Visser. He dropped my off at the fancy Hotel Ambassador where I would be staying, and then we visited a australian pub in the city center for some snacks (alligator sateh on papadums and chicken wings) and drinks. The next morning I was walking around town seeing some of the sights, but sadly it started raining. I do have some nice pictures of Lake Zurich.

[lots of details I might tell later, just not right now 😉 ]
[aug 24th: I will not me moving to Zurich in the foreseeable future]

In the afternoon I walked back to the Hauptbahnhof and took the train back to Kloten, spent my last Franks on some souvenirs and caffeinated chocolate and flew back to Amsterdam.

Just my luck that the train I got back in the Netherlands didn’t go anywhere from Schiphol, due to a broken powerline, so my arrival home was somewhat delayed (taking a detour over Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden)