Eth-0 — A very nice and small lanparty

This week I spent my days at, a new but very nice outdoor lanparty, organised by KillerCow and friends in a nice location near Wieringerwerf, Netherlands. As usual when you plan an outdoor lanparty you can guarantee lots of rain… which was present this time, as usual. The partytent village I was staying in with Buzz, Alex, Jeroen, Gido, Psy and Stoney managed to keep most of our stuff dry, even during some of the worst weather.

During the week we spent much time near the campfire, attending lectures and general ‘lamballen’ :).
There were even some small competitions, including a team-based scavenger-hunt, which consisted of weird tasks like eating grass and garlic to solving mathematical problems. Another activity that I’ve spent a lot of time on was the water-rocket competition, where my rocket kept first-place for quite some time, to eventually end in third place. The Photo-website isn’t up yet… (will paste like when it does become available) but there are a few video’s below.