Vive la Fete — P60 — Amstelveen

This evening I went to Vive la Fete, who were playing in P60 in Amstelveen. I went there with Bart and Earle and we all had a really great time, the music was good, the location was great, the people were nice and the band had a good set-list. Earle even got lucky, as Danny Mommens (Guitar) offered him a beer from the stage, and was later also invited on-stage to play guitar in the ending song. When leaving the stage he also hugged Els (Vocals)… which made him quite famous for the next hour ;). After the gig we had a chat with the bass player, and we’re going to see them again next week, when they’re playing in the Koninginnenach in Den Haag. I’ll add a copy of the setlist I grabbed off stage here later, and Earle’s pictures are really great.