3wplayer, trying to get around it

Those of you who download a movie here or there might have spotted a few movies that won’t play using the regular media-players. They only play a short (20 second) clip showing the following text “This media file can only be played using 3wPlayer that is completely FREE … Please visit go.play3w.com to download!”.

The 3wplayer tries to install a shitload of spyware, which my IDS/Virusscanner blocked (I knew it was spyware, and I knew it would block it, don’t try this at home). However, after you have installed the 3wplayer (without spyware enabled) it will actually play the movie.

Now in the 2 times I’ve encountered a 3wplayer movie so far, the first time it was actually the movie advertised, just today I got a second, which turned out to be a german dub of Final Destination, which isn’t what the movies filename would suggest (Transformers [2007][Unrated]DvDrip[Multi-Language].avi).

As it seems that the files in question are actual movies, there must be some way to convert/hack these back to regular avi’s. The 3wplayer isn’t complex enough to have it’s own codecs, so I’m quite sure it’s still just regular divx/xvid with mp3 audio. I’ll be looking into ways to convert the 3wplayer movies to regular avi’s… any hints, tips and idea’s are more then welcome.

Updates here as I find stuff… in the mean-time… comment on the torrent-sites when you encounter 3wplayer files, lets try to get them off the networks.

You can download my 3wdecode (zip) here.