Solaris 10 as LDAP client (to OpenLDAP 2.4.x)

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on getting a central directory setup for my client, running on OpenLDAP 2.4. Not having worked with LDAP a lot before it proved quite a challenge, especially getting Solaris 10 to work with the LDAP server without any glitches.
In this document I’ll try and describe how this setup was made, because I have been unable to find a single consistent document describing all the intricate details.
At this time I have all my problems fixed (AFAIK), but during the setup phase I experienced various problems:

  • Solaris 10 not seeing any users from LDAP
  • Solaris seeing users, but not letting them log in
  • Log-in working from console, but not ssh
  • Passwordless login (pubkey) not working in SUN-SSH
  • Users being able to hack extra permissions for themselves
  • etc…. etc….etc…

The entire article has been moved to a more permanent location, as a page on this site. You can find it under the ‘Pages’ header on the right. Setting up ldap

Life’s a beach ;)

I had a really enjoyable weekend, starting off with a movie/beer/whisky night with Jochem and MissMereltje friday-nite and moving into a hanging around at the beach of Zandvoort on Saturday afternoon with Tla and MissMereltje. We all got quite a tan (or, more correctly, a nice sunburnfoobar - arab style for the milky-white geeks involved) and enjoyed some good food at ‘Jeroen’ on the Zandvoort Boulevard nr 20. We closed the evening off with some nice italian ice-cream and nice latin-music in the center of Zandvoort… must do this again… with more people 😉