Proxytunnel over JoikuSpot

JoikuSpot Light is an application for Symbian S60 devices (like the Nokia E70) which will turn your gprs/umts mobile phone into a WiFi hotspot. The free ‘light’ version of Joikuspot only allows HTTP and HTTPS connections, by proxying them. I always like to possibility to use SSH, and other protocols, so I tried to use proxytunnel to connect with ssh. I couldn’t get a connection working, while regular HTTPS traffic from my browser to a banking-site worked perfectly.

After playing around a bit with Wireshark, netcat and proxytunnel I found out that the Joikuspot accesspoint will only proxy connections created with the HTTP/1.1 protocol, and not with the 1.0 protocol.

Proxytunnel only uses 1.0 connections, and netcat would also not work when using ‘-X connect’ proxy support. Proxytunnel was quickly fixed to use the 1.1 protocol, as I don’t think there are any proxies out there that do not support 1.1, I expect this won’t have any side-effects.

So, if you are a proxytunnel user, please test the current subversion snapshot (r248) and report any regressions/issues to the proxytunnel list. If you are a JoikuSpot user, please try out this new proxytunnel version, as it should now work with your mobile accesspoint.

Going to FOSDEM 2008

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Brussels for this years Fosdem conference. I’ll be hanging out with some people from and some of my collegues will actually be going to fosdem as well.

Hope to meet some old friends there, and maybe get time to release a new proxytunnel version (as the last fosdems also spawned new releases, and I’ve got some patches prepared)

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Proxytunnel changes … getpass

Always nice that by fixxing 1 problem, you also fix another. Cygwin had some issues with getpass not working quite right, but I had no haste in fixing that, since there were multiple work-arounds. This morning I got a mail from someone who had some other problems with getpass, only this time on HP-SUX and Slowaris, which limit the password size to 8 characters… (how modern and state-of-the-art). So a short search through my home-dir got me readpassphrase.c from openssh‘s openbsd-compat directory. Some hacking later I had a tested and working getpass replacement (getpass_x, just for sake of simplicity) hacked into the developer cvs tree. I’ve tested it on linux and cygwin, and noticed it fixed the old cygwin problem too 😉 *great*. I’ll probably release it as soon as the user that reported it lets me know it works on hp and sun. In the mean time, pray that the public cvs has been updated, or bug me for it 🙂

Proxytunnel 1.6.0 released

Ok, I think we’ve tested about enough now… no significant changes for 2 weeks, no minor changes for a week…. yeah… this product is ready for release. I’ve written some release notes, mailing-list posts, website updates, news-items and known-issues, created and signed the software tarball and uploaded the whole shebang to sourceforge. So there it is… go grab it and make your proxy-admins lose more hair worrying how they are gonna stop you now. (hint, protocol inspection no longer works for them). and

Proxytunnel, I’m spending too much time on this ;)

This week I put in a lot of time on getting proxytunnel in a releasable state. Lots of patches are incorporated, lots of testing has been done, makefiles have been updated, new webpages created, blog-postings, lot’s of e-mails, a call-for-testing and some sourceforge magic. So, you, the one reading this, visit the Proxytunnel Website, read what it does, download it, compile if required, and (ab)use it.