I’d like to thank everyone who was here yesterday to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was nice to speak with some people again who I hadn’t seen in a while. The people present were: Jeroen, Bart, Earle, Willow, Tjerk, Danielle, Frank, Liesbeth, Erwin and M4. I noticed Earle made quite a lot of pictures with his shiny camera. They can be found in the gallery.

Update: I went shopping at MediaMarkt today, to spend some of the gift-certificates I received, and I got home with the following discs:

  • Howl’s moving castle (anime dvd)
  • Steamboy (anime dvd)
  • Pearl Jam – Love at the Garden (double-dvd concert)
  • Scissor Sisters – We are Scissor Sisters and So Are You (music dvd)
  • Macy Gray – Live In Las Vegas (concert dvd)
  • Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror (double cd, best-of)

So again… thanks everyone… I’ll enjoy these a lot

Concerts in June

It’s been a while since I posted here, so I’ll start with some older items 😉

June 3rd I went to see Tori Amos performing in the HMH in Amsterdam. We were with quite a large group (Faragon, Rodecker, Habbie, Liessa, Wiebel, Janneke, Fusix, MacTijn, Andrea and Me). Seth Lakeman took care of some nice music while we waited for Tori to make an appearance. I must say I really enjoyed the concert, even though I’m only familiar with a couple of songs by Tori. I didn’t make any pictures (it was too dark anyway) but I did record some vid’s (see below)

Later that week on June 8th I went to see the Rolling Stones playing in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen. After spending a few hours in the car to get to the other side of the country we arrived around 18:00 at the park where we could enter the grounds without waiting. We settled for a nice spot in the center while we enjoyed Daniel Lohues & the Louisiana Blues Club playing a few tunes. Sadly it started raining quite heavily an hour later, just after Van Morrison started playing, so that got cancelled after only two songs.

It kept raining and thundering quite heavily for the next 2 hours, only clearing up just before 9 o’clock. We managed to grab a snack and get back to our position on the field just before the Stones started playing. We were quite far from the stage (about 100 meters I think) but to our surprise a part of the stage could move forwards between the crowd, and during a few songs we were actually just a few meters from the band. In the end it was quite a party, and these grandads of rock show that they still have what it takes.

On the road back home I managed to get cought speeding by a traffic-cam 🙁 … still waiting for the ticket to arrive in the mailbox to see what the damage is.

Images in the gallery

Willow also went with her dad, her story and pictures are on her blog