Pearl Jam and Incubus in the Park

Thursday I went to see Pearl Jam playing in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen. I went with Bart and Karin, and once there, we met up with Murf and Anna, and some friends of Karin. When we arrived the first act, “Sattelite Party” was already playing, and we didn’t get to hear to much of their music. After a short break “Kings Of Leon” took over and played some nice songs, though there was much work to be done there before their set could be considered a whole, various musical styles were mixed without much apparent attention.

After another break Incubus entered the stage and gave an hour long show that rocked my socks off. This alone was worth the ticket price, and more was still to come. During the Incubus show Eddie appeared as a special guest for a few songs.

After the last break Pearl Jam finally appeared on stage in full effect, playing a great and long set with a lot of old classics and nice newer songs. The band was really happy to be back and wanted to continue playing forever… which the crowd didn’t mind at all…

Finally at 23:30 the show was over… and we headed back home feeling great… till next time.

A very wet Parkpop

Sunday was the yearly parkpop festival in Den Haag. I had planned to go with Roondar, but he called in sick the day before, but I decided to check it out anyway. Sadly it had been raining for most of the morning, and the afternoon didn’t bring any better weather to the park. When I arrived at the park I bumped into a collegue, but during the rest of the afternoon I didn’t spot any familiar people. I didn’t get to see many bands playing as the lineup couldn’t keep me interested, so after some walking back and forth between the 3 stages and the market-area I got fed-up with the continuing rain and headed back home to check out some movies.

All in all I got the impression that Parkpop is slipping a bit, I had the feeling there were less people, the setup of the stages and market was different, the bikers weren’t there and the lineup didn’t have any interesting big names.

Bart did call me to tell me he had a spare ticket to Pearl Jam, so i’ll be back at the Goffertpark thursday to get my ears blown out again.