Eth-0 — A very nice and small lanparty

This week I spent my days at, a new but very nice outdoor lanparty, organised by KillerCow and friends in a nice location near Wieringerwerf, Netherlands. As usual when you plan an outdoor lanparty you can guarantee lots of rain… which was present this time, as usual. The partytent village I was staying in with Buzz, Alex, Jeroen, Gido, Psy and Stoney managed to keep most of our stuff dry, even during some of the worst weather.

During the week we spent much time near the campfire, attending lectures and general ‘lamballen’ :).
There were even some small competitions, including a team-based scavenger-hunt, which consisted of weird tasks like eating grass and garlic to solving mathematical problems. Another activity that I’ve spent a lot of time on was the water-rocket competition, where my rocket kept first-place for quite some time, to eventually end in third place. The Photo-website isn’t up yet… (will paste like when it does become available) but there are a few video’s below.


I’d like to thank everyone who was here yesterday to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was nice to speak with some people again who I hadn’t seen in a while. The people present were: Jeroen, Bart, Earle, Willow, Tjerk, Danielle, Frank, Liesbeth, Erwin and M4. I noticed Earle made quite a lot of pictures with his shiny camera. They can be found in the gallery.

Update: I went shopping at MediaMarkt today, to spend some of the gift-certificates I received, and I got home with the following discs:

  • Howl’s moving castle (anime dvd)
  • Steamboy (anime dvd)
  • Pearl Jam – Love at the Garden (double-dvd concert)
  • Scissor Sisters – We are Scissor Sisters and So Are You (music dvd)
  • Macy Gray – Live In Las Vegas (concert dvd)
  • Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror (double cd, best-of)

So again… thanks everyone… I’ll enjoy these a lot

Bevrijdingsdag / Buzzfest

So this weekend was Bevrijdingsdag (liberation day), celebrating the end of world-war II by means of many great festivals all across the country. This coupled with Buzz getting a new house in Wageningen the day before and throwing a housewarming party led me to celebrate bevrijdingsdag in Wageningen this year. Wageningen appears to have one of the biggest festivals, with various stages spread across the small city-center.

I left for Wageningen around noon on Saturday, and after driving for about an hour I got there, circling the city-center for a while (all roads were blocked) till I finally found my way to Buzz’s new place (and a parking-spot). His new house is richt on the edge of the center, so from there it was a 2 minute walk until I arrived at the first festival stage. After a few minutes and phonecalls I managed to find Buzz, Weazle, Moos and the others at Dense Architecture, a stage with a drum’n’bass, electronica, experimental musical theme. We spent quite some time there enjoying the sun and the music (including Nintendo Gameboy generated dance tunes).

After a while Mayo also joined us there. Later in the evening after a few trips back to Buzz’s place for more beers we went to see “Jaya the Cat” on the “Kabaal Am Gemaal” stage and dropped by Racoon on the market-square, but that turned out to be ‘not-quite-it’ for us. On the way back we picked up the last few minutes of Benny Rodrigues. After having re-assembled at Buzz’s house we left for a afterparty playing minimal in some squatted building down the road. The music was nice, but the temperature was rising quickly in the unventilated room (with lots of smoke) so after an hour or so I had enough of it and went back.

After a few hours the rest of the group got back and went to sleep, snoring like madman. Being no longer intoxicated I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to head home (around 7 am) and enjoy a few more hours of silent sleep in my own comfy bed 🙂

Megabit — Pre-Event

Friday I went to the megabit site to help with building up the infrastructure. Everything went quite well, as all the tents and the fences were already setup, including the tent my company rented. There were some minor issues with the company supplying the generator and power-equipment, as they didn’t have any orders for items, and were all out of stock. One quick call to bredenoord, and 2 hours waiting later we had a 250KVA generator and all the power-equipment we needed.

On saturday evening I dropped by again, and practically everything was finished, so there was no need to be back on sunday. So on sunday Willow and me had a bbq with my parents and brother. Monday morning it was time to pick up ^God and drive to Megabit.