New assignment

Today I started on my new client/assignment, Venspro. The day started with a nice 18km traffic-jam, but I finally drove into the parking-lot at Hoofddorp right behind the IT-manager, so it didn’t matter that I was late. I will be handling most of the non-windows IT operations for Venspro for the next months, so I have a chance to spice-up my resume with load-balancing, cisco, san, oracle- and apache cluster and network-maintenance skills. I really enjoyed my first day and had a chance to do some actual useful work immediately.
They day also finished nicely with cake and champagne, since Venspro just had a succesful product launch ( that weekend.

Working in Hoofddorp means a shorter drive to work, and also means I’ll be able to drop by in Amsterdam some more. The company seems real nice, and the people there all were a lot of fun to be around, I think I’ll enjoy myself a lot in the coming months 🙂

EuroBSDCon, Open Source BBQ, T-Dose and NLUUG

The vacations are over, the conferences are starting again… This weekend is EuroBSDCon in Denmark (which I won’t be attending :(, but a group of snow colleages is going). I will be visiting the Dutch Open Source BBQ which is also this weekend (saturday to be exact).
T-Dose logo image

Next month (October 13+14) brings us the 2nd edition of T-Dose, which I’d like to visit this year.

After that it’s time again for the NLUUG conference, November 7th in Amsterdam (new location), which will celebrate 25 years of NLUUG history. And before you know it we’re back at the next CCC conference (late December) and Fosdem (late February)