This weekend I received my new FON accesspoint. The idea of FON is that they ship you a cheap or free wifi 802.11bg accesspoint, and if you promise to leave it running and allow other users to access the network, you can in turn access the network from any other FON accesspoint.
The FON accesspoint, called ‘La Fonera’ is about the size of a packet of sigarettes, weighs less then 100 grams and eats little power. It’s stylishly white and conveniant in use, just plug in power and ethernet (only 1 port) and it’s good to go. A cool feature ‘La Fonera’ provides is that it uses 2 ESSID’s, 1 called Myplace (for private use), and one called FON_ for public use.
It also features WEP, WPA and WPA2 and keeps statistics for who logged on, when they did, and how much they transferred. It allows the owners to throttle the bandwitdh used/shared with other users “Fonero’s”.

‘La Fonero’s’ network rage is very nice, it seems to outperform the other accesspoints I’ve used over the years. So next time people come and visit I should have decent wireless connectivity.
By the way… you can find FON accesspoints using a google-maps interface at