Re: Deckardt: Google shaping the world

My reply to Deckardt‘s posting ‘google-shaping-the-world

Google has great potential to use this massive amount of data at their disposal. That’s why it’s important that their company motto is “Don’t do Evil”.
Great care is taken to make sure that the data is only used in ways that are acceptable. Of course this is also in Google’s interest, as no-one would use their services so much if we couldn’t trust our data to the company.
We should all take care to keep some things to ourselves, and not put privacy-sensitive or business data on outside sources if we are not willing to live with the consequences. (That’s why we have a corporate policy against using Gmail etc for ‘work’.)
In the end it’s a balance between convenience and privacy, and each of us will have to make their own decision about how much we use these services.

Bjork in the Westerpark

The last concert in a series of concerts in the Amsterdam westerpark, and the 4th concert i’ve seen in slightly more then a month was for Bjork’s new tour based around the Volta album. I’ve spent the last month listening to Volta quite a few times during my daily commute, and it really grew on me. I visited the concert with Flar, Deckardt and Dexter and we went for beers and burgers at the Beiaard before the gig, travelling to the westerpark by tram.

The concert itself was nice, though we all considered it to be rather short. It started at about 21:15, and we were already leaving the park at 22:30. Willow has a nice write-up about the show, so check her page for details 😉