Proxytunnel changes … getpass

Always nice that by fixxing 1 problem, you also fix another. Cygwin had some issues with getpass not working quite right, but I had no haste in fixing that, since there were multiple work-arounds. This morning I got a mail from someone who had some other problems with getpass, only this time on HP-SUX and Slowaris, which limit the password size to 8 characters… (how modern and state-of-the-art). So a short search through my home-dir got me readpassphrase.c from openssh‘s openbsd-compat directory. Some hacking later I had a tested and working getpass replacement (getpass_x, just for sake of simplicity) hacked into the developer cvs tree. I’ve tested it on linux and cygwin, and noticed it fixed the old cygwin problem too 😉 *great*. I’ll probably release it as soon as the user that reported it lets me know it works on hp and sun. In the mean time, pray that the public cvs has been updated, or bug me for it 🙂