Couch-to-5k update

Last month I posted here that I had started with start-to-run, the ‘Couch to 5k’ plan that Liessa, Willow and Cailin recommended. So far everything is going quite nice. I just finished lesson 9 (doing 7 and 8 twice) and I must say I hadn’t expected it to go this smooth. As I said I did re-do part of this week’s lessons, but I’m not here to win a competition, i’m doing this to improve my health and fitness level.

Somehow I managed to make enough time in my schedule and consider it important enough to actually run for 2-3 evenings a week, at the cost of not doing other stuff which I might describe as fun. So I’ve been a lot less online, just chatting or playing games and I haven’t gotten around to much coding or developing, but hopefully I’ll get more time for that next month when I get a job closer to home and with less traffic-jams.

The intermediate result is that I just ran for 5 minutes on end (and 2, 4 and 4 minutes before that) without actually getting tired or running out of breath. The next 3 lessons should be a repeat of the last 3, so I know I’ll probably manage just fine the coming week, just struggling with the 8th lesson (interval runs).

Here’s a nice article I found regarding 5K-runs:


I have been thinking and planning to do some running for quite a while now, after Cailin, Liessa and Willow set the example. I never really got around to it and have been making excuses for not doing anything yet since they started. Today I finally decided to get off my couch and put on my running shoes and pants, pick up my meizu mp3 player, tune-in and start to run. I found it to be very doable, for someone without any prior exercise, though it did get a bit harder during the second long run. After the first podcast finished I walked and ran some more until I got home. Now to see if I can keep it up and find more time for the next sessions somewhere the coming weeks.