Berlin, day 3

After a walk down ‘unter den linden’ I finally found another good accesspoint, so i can post another update. Yesterday evening I went on a bar-hop-tour with some roommates. We got to the meetingpoint on Hackishermarkt, and there were about 50 people there. We visited 4 different bars and got some shots in between as well. We ended up at a club called h2o where they played dance and r’n’b… I don’t remember too much, as I was quite drunk, and we moved all over the center.
Today I’ve been driving around the city a bit, but haven’t really done anything yet (accept for sleeping very long).

i’m gonna go and enjoy the nice weather some more and try to find some lunch now… It’ll probably mean more bockworst 🙂

Flar and Deckardt should also arrive this afternoon/evening… So i’ll probably head over to the hostel to welcome them later 🙂