Tonight we went to Korsakoff in Amsterdam (down the street from the melkweg). Habbie, Webmind, N_ice, Liessa, Skatey and me arrived there at about 00:30 and the place was allready booming, good music, nice people, good policy/rules and a very good mood )

Lot’s of alternative, metal and goth music, with the occasional 80’s classic thrown in for good fun. Defenitly something we need to do again soon ;) .

Liessa’s friends we met there also invited us to another goth/metal partly somewhere in May, details will follow.

B.t.w. a good thing to remember is the ‘Park and Bike’ facility at the Olympic Stadium parking… just 5.50 for parking 24 hours and borrowing a decent bike to drive into the city-center and back.
Especially handy when you get back at like 04:00, when there are only nite-buses which don’t go in your direction ;)


Happy New Year

Well… we’ve arrived in the year 2005… I’ve just returned from a wonderfull trip to Berlin where I visited the 21st CCC congres together with 3500 other hackers, lockpickers, administrators and students. After half a day of travelling and half a day of walking/tramming through Berlin the conference began. Three long days filled with more then 200 lectures and workshops on various subjects. Continue reading Happy New Year

(nl) Dag 2 in Berlijn

Zo, nu na 2 dagen in Berlijn is het me eindelijk gelukt een enigszins stabiele internet verbinding te regelen… het schijnt allemaal nogal wat moeite te kosten.

Zondag middag kwam in op Berlijn Ost-bahnhof aan, waar ik na een flinke zoekpartij de kaartjesverkoop van de S en U-bahn vond. Na een weekkaart gekocht te hebben (a 25 euro) kon ik toen op zoek naar de juiste lijn om terug op Alexanderplatz te komen (waar de trein al was langs-geweest, maar niet stopte).

Continue reading (nl) Dag 2 in Berlijn

Going to Berlin

I’ll be leaving for a week in Berlin next week. I’m mainly going there
to visit the Chaos Computer Club’s 21st conferance, but I’m also
staying some time to visit the beautifull city of Berlin. Expect some
updates and pictures after x-mas. I’ll try to log in occasionally to do
some updates when I can find connectivity ;)

I’m going by train, since I don’t feel happy driving all the way
to berlin in my tiny car on slippery snowy roads, besides, where would
I leave it in a city like Berlin. I’m staying at a hostel near
Alexanderplatz, which is also where the conference will be held.

When I come back I’ll be starting with my new job at Snow IT.
Hopefully they’ll have a nice assignment for me by the time I get back.

Some relevant links:

Chaos Computer Club

21C3 Wiki

Event Schedule

Berlin Map

Hans Bakker R.I.P.

News has just reached me that Hans Bakker (http://www.hans.cx) has died today in a car accident. He was driving back with Edwin Hermans (http://www.madtech.nl) and webmind from dropping off Richard M Stallman in Paris when their car was hit by a truck.

This is quite a shock, since I just spoke to him yesterday evening just before he left for Paris.

For more info check out wicherts page on http://www.wiggy.net/tmp/accident for updated info.