… and some electronics…

After the woodworking on the scrapmame it was time for the electronics.

The first bit was unsoldering/cutting the wires on the sacrificed PSX controller and then connecting new wires to the solder-pads
first wires attached
The yellow wires are for the direction buttons, white for the 4 fire-buttons and blue is the common ground.

After a long soldering session the result looked like this:
The final product
A few more solder-pads were connected to ground wires (or each-other) and the red wires connect to the shoulder-buttons and analog-stick buttons of the PSX. The 2 new yellow wires connect to ‘start’ and ‘select’.

This would give me a total of 16 buttons wired to a single PSX controller. On the mame cabinet this will translate to a sets of 4 directional buttons and 3 fire buttons for each player (2 players) and 2 remaining buttons for ‘start’ or ‘insert coin’… I’m not too sure yet about what would be the ‘best’ combination.

Lastly, before calling it a night, I wired up the ground-connections on the joystick section, so I only need to bring 5 cables up to the stick ( and not 8 )
common ground on the joystick microswitches

Next time I plan to connect all the wires to plugs that connect to the buttons (still need to buy the correct sized plugs) and joystick microswitches (which you can see in the background of the first picture)

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