HTC Hero

So, I finally replaced by aging Nokia E70 with a brand new HTC Hero White Android phone. The touchscreen keyboard is still something I have to get used to, and the batterylife the last few days has been limiting (but I play a lot with it… but I must remember to recharge it when possible).HTC-Hero-Android-White
I’ve installed quite a few applications on it, and have now also gotten my voipbuster account working on it and have made some voip test-calls to and from my other voip numbers. I’ve also gotten voip to work over the telfort 3G connection I’m using, and will probably be using a lot of that in the future.
Other notable apps I will enjoy a lot are:

Google Skymaps. Uses the compass and position sensors so display a star-map of the area that you are pointing at
Google places. Should list all kinds of local restaurants, bars, banks and gas stations… but how well this works in the Netherlands is yet to be seen.
Twidroid. My current twitter-app of choice, Peep just didn’t pull it.

Some stuff I figured out, but that wasn’t too obvious initially:

  • Press ‘home’ for 2-3 seconds and release for a list of running applications and click them to switch to them
  • Telfort network is always considered to be ‘roaming’, because it doesn’t really exist anymore, and I am technically on the KPN network.
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3 thoughts on “HTC Hero”

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you manage to get VoIP Buster (in my case VoIPCheap) working on the android? Most postings I find on the net suggests VoIP and SIP won’t work on the HTC hero. Does that mean I should also be able to use it for sending SMS (text) messages?
    Martin (in Amsterdam)

  2. Just install the sipdroid version from the googlecode website. Make sure to install the ‘full’ version, as that one supports voip over 3G/Edge. The version in the appstore only supports Wifi.

    Then just configure your voipbuster/sipdiscount/betamax account and dial-away ;P

    I haven’t played with sms over voip yet.

  3. I use VoipCheap and can send text messages much cheaper and more efficiently from my PC. If SIP works, then texting should work too.

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