Hmm… something weird going on

The post I just made today had changed this afternoon, it contained spam, not in the comments, but in the actual post. This is something really stange.
What I also noticed is that on the last post the ‘comments’ option had been disabled. I had seen this a few times before during the last weeks.
I think there might be an exploit around, or maybe someone has found out my password.

I changed my passwords, and will be keeping an eye out for modifications… and maybe I should upgrade or at least read the last few release notes of wordpress to spot issues.

I’ll keep this post updated with things I might find. The blog should at least be clean again 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hmm… something weird going on”

  1. Thanks for that. Really pissed me off because I don’t have lots of download usage per month, glad i can still watch the damn movie 🙂

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