Hmm… something weird going on

The post I just made today had changed this afternoon, it contained spam, not in the comments, but in the actual post. This is something really stange.
What I also noticed is that on the last post the ‘comments’ option had been disabled. I had seen this a few times before during the last weeks.
I think there might be an exploit around, or maybe someone has found out my password.

I changed my passwords, and will be keeping an eye out for modifications… and maybe I should upgrade or at least read the last few release notes of wordpress to spot issues.

I’ll keep this post updated with things I might find. The blog should at least be clean again 🙂

Easterhegg 2008 — Follow the white rabbit

I’m heading for easterhegg this friday, Topina, Bugblue and Tla will also be going there. It’s in Cologne, Germany so it’s only just across the border. Don’t expect me to give any coherant answers to questions untill at least tuesday 🙂

Update 21/03: Ok… I arrived at EH2008, met Bug, Topina and Tla and some other people from previous con’s. The wifi is up, I checked into my hotel, which was pretty decent for the price, and I saw a bit of the city while walking along the Rhine. Haven’t seen any lectures or workshops yet, but I don’t expect I’ll see that many anyway.

More later… maybe