De oplossing presenteert zichzelf

Ben je lekker aan het klikken op, zie je meteen de oplossing voor een probleem. Het probleem:
Werkloze vrouwen willen werk
En de oplossing:
Steeds vaker betaald publiek op TV

Reacties op irc 😉
<King> maar dan heb je bij elk programma zon’ publiek vol middelmatige huisvrouwen zitten
<FooBar> da’s nu ook al zo
<King> hmm, daar heb je dan wel weer een punt 🙂
<WhizzMan> dat is zelfs nog een verbetering vaak 😉

New assignment

Today I started on my new client/assignment, Venspro. The day started with a nice 18km traffic-jam, but I finally drove into the parking-lot at Hoofddorp right behind the IT-manager, so it didn’t matter that I was late. I will be handling most of the non-windows IT operations for Venspro for the next months, so I have a chance to spice-up my resume with load-balancing, cisco, san, oracle- and apache cluster and network-maintenance skills. I really enjoyed my first day and had a chance to do some actual useful work immediately.
They day also finished nicely with cake and champagne, since Venspro just had a succesful product launch ( that weekend.

Working in Hoofddorp means a shorter drive to work, and also means I’ll be able to drop by in Amsterdam some more. The company seems real nice, and the people there all were a lot of fun to be around, I think I’ll enjoy myself a lot in the coming months 🙂