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Last month I posted here that I had started with start-to-run, the ‘Couch to 5k’ plan that Liessa, Willow and Cailin recommended. So far everything is going quite nice. I just finished lesson 9 (doing 7 and 8 twice) and I must say I hadn’t expected it to go this smooth. As I said I did re-do part of this week’s lessons, but I’m not here to win a competition, i’m doing this to improve my health and fitness level.

Somehow I managed to make enough time in my schedule and consider it important enough to actually run for 2-3 evenings a week, at the cost of not doing other stuff which I might describe as fun. So I’ve been a lot less online, just chatting or playing games and I haven’t gotten around to much coding or developing, but hopefully I’ll get more time for that next month when I get a job closer to home and with less traffic-jams.

The intermediate result is that I just ran for 5 minutes on end (and 2, 4 and 4 minutes before that) without actually getting tired or running out of breath. The next 3 lessons should be a repeat of the last 3, so I know I’ll probably manage just fine the coming week, just struggling with the 8th lesson (interval runs).

Here’s a nice article I found regarding 5K-runs:

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10 thoughts on “Couch-to-5k update”

  1. I did lesson 11 yesterday, the 2nd interval run. I’ve plotted the route on google-maps to get an idea of how far it was. I was surprised that my short lap around my area was 4 kilometers. Lets see if I can do it without breaks in a few weeks.

    Google Route

  2. Ignoring the 1 day break I did lesson 12 today, so that’s another 4 and 5 minute run down. I did a slightly shorter lap then yesterday, but the weather was good, as it was finally dry and for 11pm the temperature was still nice too.

    I’ll be taking a few days of rest now, I don’t expect to have time to run before sunday.

  3. Just finished lesson 13, containing 3 runs of 5 minutes. I’m still amazed that I can handle that. Seems that the next lessons will take me to 3×6 minutes.
    A gym just opened across the street from my house, they had an open-day today and I had a look around, but I don’t think I’ll join. It’s way to expensive, and I would only use the threadmill and bikes there, I’m not a weights person. I’ve got a training bike (and 2 real ones) at home, and I prefer to walk outside.

  4. Did lesson 14 thursday, but I couldn’t finish it… The 2nd 6 minutes killed me, and then I was quite close to home so I decided to call it a day. Maybe I’ll try another lesson today, but I don’t have too much time, and lesson 14 is quite long with 3×6 and a 2 and 3 minute run.

  5. So I did lesson 14 again on sunday, and I did 15 today… now I really need a break 🙂
    Lesson 15 was 2,4,5,6 and 7 minutes with 2 minute breaks in between. My lap around the block is getting larger and larger. I think I need to re-plot it on google-maps to see how far I’m running now.

  6. I did lesson 16 saturday afternoon, which was quite hard on me after a 5 day break, luckely the weather was really nice. I just finished lesson 17, which went very well. I started at 21:45 or so, and it was already quite cold, so I decided to wear an old hoody to keep me somewhat warm without overheating again. That went quite well, even though it was soaking wet by the time I got home again.
    The run consisted of some warming-up parts, and then a three longer 7, 6 and 7 minute runs.
    I had to do some parts in the 6 minute run a bit slower, as I had gotten into a very dark part of the park and I couldn’t see where I was going. Hin for next time, stay out of the park at nite 😉

  7. I finished lesson 18 today. I brought my GPS and phone with me, and used that to track my speed and distance. I’ve got data upto the last walk, as during the last run my phone decided to make some phonecalls and send some sms messages (forgot keylock).

    My max speed was 13km/h, with the average speed (running+walking) around 9. I did 3.5 km’s upto the last run, and just over 1 km in the 5,6,7 minute runs.

    I’ll try with gps again sometime, maybe I’ll get a full run it 😉

    I was surprised that the gps reception worked just fine with the receiver in my shirt pocket. But it’s weird running with mp3-player, gps mouse and mobile-phone… /me is a hardware geek 😉

  8. I did lesson 19 today, 3,6,7 and 8 minutes… I started quite early, before dinner even and the weather was quite nice. I think I did about 5km’s in this run, I had partial gps data for the last 2.6km’s which showed a decent average speed, though there’s still room for much improvement.

  9. I did lesson 20 wednesday, which was quite tough… and I tried lesson 19 again today, but to close after breakfast, so I couldn’t make the last 8 minutes.

  10. Yup… it’s been a while since I last went for a run, as I had been sick, busy and the weather has generally sucked. Today was my new attempt at running (finally feeling healthy enough again to go out into the cold). I decided to take a slow start, and resume with lesson 16, and I must say that it went quite well. Let’s hope it stays dry for a few more days so I can pick up the pace again.

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