I have been thinking and planning to do some running for quite a while now, after Cailin, Liessa and Willow set the example. I never really got around to it and have been making excuses for not doing anything yet since they started. Today I finally decided to get off my couch and put on my running shoes and pants, pick up my meizu mp3 player, tune-in and start to run. I found it to be very doable, for someone without any prior exercise, though it did get a bit harder during the second long run. After the first podcast finished I walked and ran some more until I got home. Now to see if I can keep it up and find more time for the next sessions somewhere the coming weeks.

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7 thoughts on “Couch-to-5k”

  1. Keep up the good work! I myself stopped because I cycle to work every day now and I’m too exhausted to go running after work (I usually finish eating at 19:30h or something, and then I just want to relax), but when the internship is over I’m taking it up again 🙂

  2. And I just finished lesson 2… too bad it started raining halfway… I’m still keeping up with the pace, now with 2 sessions of 3 minutes, so far I’m impressed with myself.
    Next attempt… saturday I guess

  3. I did lesson 4 on thursday (23rd) which hit me quite hard, and I just finished the 5th lesson, which went a lot better. It consisted of a 2 minute run, and 3 runs for 3 minutes.
    Somehow I seem to plan just the right routes through the town, as I usually end up within a few meters of my door when the lesson ends.
    It was a bit cooler this evening then thursday, that might have helped keeping the pace. Though while I’m writing this the sweat is starting to run down my face and chest…
    Hopefully that’ll decrease as well as we get along with the training schedule.

  4. And tonights session concludes the 2nd week (from the official schedule

    Not too bad… being just 1 short run longer then last session, the 3×3 minutes wasn’t too bad in hindsight, even though the first 3 minutes are the toughest.

    Next session should be the same as today’s, and then it gets interesting, with shorter breaks and then longer runs (4 and 5 minutes)

  5. I did the 7th and 8th lessons, but the 8th lesson was quite rough and I didn’t finish it (I was in a hurry). I decided to redo them, so I just re-finished the 7th lesson, and I’ll know what to expect for the next lessons… trouble 😉

    Summer is over, and that’s very noticable, since it’s getting quite chilly around the time I usually run (between 21:00 and 22:30). Hope the weather stays decent, as I’m not interested in running in the rain (unless it’s way to hot anyway)

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