I’d like to thank everyone who was here yesterday to celebrate my 30th birthday. It was nice to speak with some people again who I hadn’t seen in a while. The people present were: Jeroen, Bart, Earle, Willow, Tjerk, Danielle, Frank, Liesbeth, Erwin and M4. I noticed Earle made quite a lot of pictures with his shiny camera. They can be found in the gallery.

Update: I went shopping at MediaMarkt today, to spend some of the gift-certificates I received, and I got home with the following discs:

  • Howl’s moving castle (anime dvd)
  • Steamboy (anime dvd)
  • Pearl Jam – Love at the Garden (double-dvd concert)
  • Scissor Sisters – We are Scissor Sisters and So Are You (music dvd)
  • Macy Gray – Live In Las Vegas (concert dvd)
  • Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror (double cd, best-of)

So again… thanks everyone… I’ll enjoy these a lot

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One thought on “Party”

  1. Err, unless I’m wrong about who you mean, it’s Erwin and not Edwin 😉

    And Earle did have a flashy camera. Man, that thing produced more light in one flash than the sun does in a year. I’m still seeing stars!

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