Going on vacation: Berlin and CCC-Camp 2007

So, it’s summertime again, time for festivals, hacker-camps and a well-needed vacation. I still have a few days of work to go, but will be leaving for Berlin august 1st. World-Clock berlin I’ll be staying in the Heart Of Gold hostel in the center of Berlin for a week, seeing the sights and partying in this nice city. Later that week I’ll probably hang around and help a bit with the build-up of CCC-Camp and then stay there till Sunday the 12th, because unfortunately I have to be back at work on monday ;(

I know Flar and Deckardt are also in Berlin the week before the Camp, and i’ll meet up with lots more at the Camp (Geck0, Antarez, Buzz, BugBlue, Tla, Elisa, …)

Anyone have any suggestions for places to visit in Berlin, or parties and bars I should visit… This is the first time visiting Berlin that I have a whole week without any other activities, so I plan to make the best of it and see some stuff I didn’t get around to the previous years… comment below 😉

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5 thoughts on “Going on vacation: Berlin and CCC-Camp 2007”

  1. Last time we were in berlin we visited (among other things) the Reichstag, it has a very impressive glass dome on top with a very nice view of the surroundings. However be warned since this is a government building you will be x-rayed and searched before you can enter.

    When it comes to food I can advise you Pan Asia (although the Germans think this is for tourists and will laugh at you) They serve sushis and very good cocktails (I can advise the vulcano roll and anything on the cocktail card).
    Anyhow enjoy and you’ll know where to find us 😉



  2. I arrived yesterday at 20:00, and checked into my room. There were two australian girls there, Alex and Miranda, and the three of us headed for club Tresor, famous from the record-label by the same name. tresor was really cool, with two dance area’s playing trance/industrial in an old powerstation. It was a very cool, dark and industrial setting… Need to go there again, but bring earplugs, the music in the underground area was incredibly loud.

    Today I visited some tourist-sites, moved my car to a somewhat long-term location, and had some food in friedrichshain. i’m now zsitting at the sony-center at potzdammerplatz, finally getting some halfway decent wifi for the first time today 🙂

    I’m gonna check out potzdam and the reighstag next. I’ll try and upload some pictures when I get back to the hostel and I can use my laptop again, in stead of my phone.

    viel spass…

  3. Hoi Mark,

    Leuk dat ik zo je wegen in Berlijn kan volgen!
    Ik hoop dat je het goed naar je zin blijft hebben!
    groetjes uit Zoetermeer

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