Pearl Jam and Incubus in the Park

Thursday I went to see Pearl Jam playing in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen. I went with Bart and Karin, and once there, we met up with Murf and Anna, and some friends of Karin. When we arrived the first act, “Sattelite Party” was already playing, and we didn’t get to hear to much of their music. After a short break “Kings Of Leon” took over and played some nice songs, though there was much work to be done there before their set could be considered a whole, various musical styles were mixed without much apparent attention.

After another break Incubus entered the stage and gave an hour long show that rocked my socks off. This alone was worth the ticket price, and more was still to come. During the Incubus show Eddie appeared as a special guest for a few songs.

After the last break Pearl Jam finally appeared on stage in full effect, playing a great and long set with a lot of old classics and nice newer songs. The band was really happy to be back and wanted to continue playing forever… which the crowd didn’t mind at all…

Finally at 23:30 the show was over… and we headed back home feeling great… till next time.

3wplayer, trying to get around it

Those of you who download a movie here or there might have spotted a few movies that won’t play using the regular media-players. They only play a short (20 second) clip showing the following text “This media file can only be played using 3wPlayer that is completely FREE … Please visit to download!”.

The 3wplayer tries to install a shitload of spyware, which my IDS/Virusscanner blocked (I knew it was spyware, and I knew it would block it, don’t try this at home). However, after you have installed the 3wplayer (without spyware enabled) it will actually play the movie.

Now in the 2 times I’ve encountered a 3wplayer movie so far, the first time it was actually the movie advertised, just today I got a second, which turned out to be a german dub of Final Destination, which isn’t what the movies filename would suggest (Transformers [2007][Unrated]DvDrip[Multi-Language].avi).

As it seems that the files in question are actual movies, there must be some way to convert/hack these back to regular avi’s. The 3wplayer isn’t complex enough to have it’s own codecs, so I’m quite sure it’s still just regular divx/xvid with mp3 audio. I’ll be looking into ways to convert the 3wplayer movies to regular avi’s… any hints, tips and idea’s are more then welcome.

Updates here as I find stuff… in the mean-time… comment on the torrent-sites when you encounter 3wplayer files, lets try to get them off the networks.

You can download my 3wdecode (zip) here.

A very wet Parkpop

Sunday was the yearly parkpop festival in Den Haag. I had planned to go with Roondar, but he called in sick the day before, but I decided to check it out anyway. Sadly it had been raining for most of the morning, and the afternoon didn’t bring any better weather to the park. When I arrived at the park I bumped into a collegue, but during the rest of the afternoon I didn’t spot any familiar people. I didn’t get to see many bands playing as the lineup couldn’t keep me interested, so after some walking back and forth between the 3 stages and the market-area I got fed-up with the continuing rain and headed back home to check out some movies.

All in all I got the impression that Parkpop is slipping a bit, I had the feeling there were less people, the setup of the stages and market was different, the bikers weren’t there and the lineup didn’t have any interesting big names.

Bart did call me to tell me he had a spare ticket to Pearl Jam, so i’ll be back at the Goffertpark thursday to get my ears blown out again.

Concerts in June

It’s been a while since I posted here, so I’ll start with some older items 😉

June 3rd I went to see Tori Amos performing in the HMH in Amsterdam. We were with quite a large group (Faragon, Rodecker, Habbie, Liessa, Wiebel, Janneke, Fusix, MacTijn, Andrea and Me). Seth Lakeman took care of some nice music while we waited for Tori to make an appearance. I must say I really enjoyed the concert, even though I’m only familiar with a couple of songs by Tori. I didn’t make any pictures (it was too dark anyway) but I did record some vid’s (see below)

Later that week on June 8th I went to see the Rolling Stones playing in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen. After spending a few hours in the car to get to the other side of the country we arrived around 18:00 at the park where we could enter the grounds without waiting. We settled for a nice spot in the center while we enjoyed Daniel Lohues & the Louisiana Blues Club playing a few tunes. Sadly it started raining quite heavily an hour later, just after Van Morrison started playing, so that got cancelled after only two songs.

It kept raining and thundering quite heavily for the next 2 hours, only clearing up just before 9 o’clock. We managed to grab a snack and get back to our position on the field just before the Stones started playing. We were quite far from the stage (about 100 meters I think) but to our surprise a part of the stage could move forwards between the crowd, and during a few songs we were actually just a few meters from the band. In the end it was quite a party, and these grandads of rock show that they still have what it takes.

On the road back home I managed to get cought speeding by a traffic-cam 🙁 … still waiting for the ticket to arrive in the mailbox to see what the damage is.

Images in the gallery

Willow also went with her dad, her story and pictures are on her blog

On certification

While googling for something completly different, stumbled apon this letter from a 1999 issue of USENIX’s ‘;login:’ magazine by Sergey Babkin, in which he shares his view on Certification, which I mostly agree with. An exerpt below, click the link for his full comment:

I believe that certification benefits neither the professionals nor their clients. Does it benefit anyone? Of course it does. It benefits two social groups: the bureaucracy that conducts the certification and the people who can’t stay in the business without being protected by a shield of certificate. We can easily find numerous examples in current life.

Take, for example, the Microsoft certification programs. No doubt, Microsoft makes very nice money from selling the materials for a high price and charging thousands of dollars for the certification itself. But that means that the professionals lose this money, and their clients lose this money too because they have to compensate these expenses. Does the presence of certification mean that its owner really knows something about the subject? I doubt it very much. I do not have much respect for the people I know who have this certification. I would not recommend them for any job requiring any intelligence. They are most enthusiastic about getting these certificates.

I also have experience from another side. It happened that I got a Novell NetWare Administration certificate. Does that make me a good NetWare administrator? I doubt it. Attending the courses gave some interesting knowledge. And I’m probably not a really bad NetWare administrator, at least I have seen a number of worse ones. But that’s not because of this certificate but because UNIX administration and NetWare administration have things in common and most of the time I’m able to figure out or quickly find in the manuals the details I don’t know, based on the basic knowledge I have. And yes, I would recommend the same caution when hiring the bearers of Novell certificates as for Microsoft certificates, or any other certificates, such as CISCO or HP or Oracle.

Based on all this experience, my opinion is: “Certification Considered Harmful.”

Update: On a side-note… I did pass my LPI-201 exam… 1 more to go for LPIC-2 certification