Liessa’s Party (movies)

Friday after work I went to Liessa’s ‘kwart-eeuw’ party (her 25th birthday) in Cafe het Leeuwtje in Amsterdam. A lot of people came along and we really filled the entire bar, driving most regulars off. It was nice to meet some people again who I hadn’t seen in a while or only spoke online. Habbie and Liessa sponsored a keg of Grimbergen Dubbel, which is a really nice, but rather heavy beer. Luckily I could spend the night at Faragon’s, so I could actually drink more then 2 of em ;). Rainman made some really nice pictures of the party also viewable on this Flickr set. I also made some short video’s with my camphone of the goings-on, which I’ll link below as soon as I have time to get em off my phone 🙂

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