How a downgrade became an upgrade…

So I upgraded my laptop’s ubuntu installation to Feisty (beta) last week. This upgrade kinda killed my halfway-working 3d desktop. I have a laptop with a ATI 9200 mobile videochip, and this worked somewhat with the beryl/compiz stuff as long as I disabled the fire/water effects which would crash my X server. The current ubuntu includes a new fglrx driver from Ati, and this driver no longer supports older Ati chips like the 9200. This meant no more 3d goodness for me, and switching back to the ati 2d driver, losing most acceleration.

After browsing the forums and wiki I decided that I should probably change to the open source driver, which still does support older chips (and doesn’t support newer chips). So some fiddling with configs, removing some packages and browsing more wiki-pages I now have a working setup based on the ‘ati’ open source driver, with fully working 3d desktop (including the effects that b0rked using the fglrx driver).

I still haven’t tested any games, but so far it all runs smooth, transparency works, opengl works, xvideo works somewhat, and a quick test of google-earth also gives positive results… so I guess this is a nice improvement over the often crashing/breaking setup based on fglrx.

Some helpful links:

P.S. Looking at google earth…. I just spotted how far Helsinki/Finland actually is… I was kinda confusing it with sweden… ugh… I don’t think I’ll drive there, 2000 km is a bit much.

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One thought on “How a downgrade became an upgrade…”

  1. It’s official, ATI Linux drivers suck! I’ve only had trouble using em. (X300/9600) The hardware is fast though, too bad the software sucks.

    Feisty is some piece of work, i’m running it on my macbook with beryl and EVERYTHING ‘just works’. suspend / sleep / wifi / bluetooth / fan-speed-control / mousescrolling / 2 and 3 finger tapping (middle and right mousebutton) / Fn key. Too bad the APIC seems to barf sometimes (need to boot into MacOS, then reboot to linux to fix this)

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