Yesterday the girl I loved for a year, and with whom i’ve lived with for 5 months told me she was leaving me. I still can’t believe it, though i’m sitting here, all alone, surrounded by her stuff… I must say i’ve never felt worse in my entire life…. the past months were the happiest period in my life, having someone to come home to, someone who loves me, cares for me, and for whom I can care and love. It seems it wasn’t meant to be, she claims to still love me, and I know I can’t see myself living happily without her from now on.

I’ve decided to take the rest of the week off to clean up my life and my appartment… everytime I see some of her stuff I break out in tears, not understanding why she thinks we can’t work things out. I really need to get everything that keeps me reminding of here out of direct sight, or I can’t be here anymore. I hope she will find happyness in where she goes from here and I hope I’ll somehow get over her, because currently I’m an emotional wreck.

Know that I still love you, though it hurts… I hope I can forgive you sometime