Ik ben toch niet gek…

So… I dropped by the MediaMarkt tonight… feeling a bit bored and having just heard on the radio that they’re having a sale. I’d already been there last saturday but didn’t really spot any bargains. Actually… most of their bargains were way to expensive. Tonight I did spot a huge pile of old games in a bin for 79 cents a pop. After browsing through this bin for a while I ended up with an arm full of games, and not even 10 euro’s total. I also picked up 2 horror movies (Trance, with Christopher Walken, and the 30th anniversary edition of Night Of The Living Dead). In total that set me back less then 15 euro’s…
a lot of games...
I don’t expect too much of the games, but they should be able to provide some fun for bored hours (or when I’m fed up with World Of Warcraft — yeah right –)

The games are:
– Mega Race 3 (Racing)
– Perimiter (RTS)
– Ballistics (Racing)
– Shadowbane + Rise of Chaos addon (RPG)
– Project Nomads (RPG ??)
– New World Order (Combat Sim)
– Shogun Total War (Strategy)
– Rainbow Six Covert Ops Essentials (Combat Sim)
– Soul Reaver 2 + Blood Omen 2
– Lords of Everquest (RTS)

So far it seems that Megarace doesn’t want to run, and Blood Omen is missing disc 2… But Soul Reaver 2 was very nice

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