Computer issues… the conclusion

So… a lot later then planned I’ve finally received all (required) hardware for my new server. I’m still waiting for my iiyama 2200WS, that Pitr also blogged about, but I don’t really need that right now.

I’ve put it all together last friday and began the tedious task of migrating to the new server. First I needed to create a backup of all the data on the old box, so I could reduce the required space for the actual services it offered to less then 10GB. After numerous hours all movies and mp3’s were moved to another box and I could replace the 2x160G disks in the old server with an older 10G disk that would continue running the webserver, mail, dns and other services while I could take my time building these in a clean way on the new server.

It took quite some trouble to get everything working again on the 10G disk in the old server (kernel and boot issues), but once these were resolved (late, very late at night) I could put the array in the new server and wipe it to start clean.

The old server is currently still running web and mail, but the new server has been installed with Debian Etch and is running KVM. In KVM i’m currently running 2 Etch installs and a Windows XP machine. I’m planning to migrate the services from the old server to various VM’s running on KVM. I’ll post some articles on KVM in the future, but so far it works really nicely, slightly less nice with windows as a guest, but unix guests work just perfect.

One of the goals of the new server, besides really needing it due to a really half-dead, freaky old server was reduced power-usage while having increased resources. At first look it seems that this goal has been achieved. Some quick measurements indicate the new server uses about 50 Watts in idle mode, with 67 Watts when a single core is loaded and 78 Watts under ‘full load’.

The noise levels are also really acceptable, and definitly a lot lower then the old machine.

I’m still struggling with the memory, as linux (and the bios) currently only acknowledge only 3GB… tips are welcome.

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