New Gadgets…

So Jabra Headset Imagewhat’s a geek without the occasional batch of new gadgets to play with. Last week I finally got my shipment of gadgets that had been lying around the office for some time. I got my new printer/fax/copier, a Brother DCP-315CN, which has excellent open-source linux drivers and support by brother. The second toy was a new Nokia E70 Smartphone, running Series 60 3rd Edition, which I equipped with 2GB of MiniSD and a T-Mobile Pocket Internet Totaal grps/umts connection and a Jabra JX-10 Bluetooth headset.

Some more posts on the E70 will probably follow, as I’m looking at creating some posts about available S60 applications. I’m currently running the stock webbrowser (based on mozilla) and putty on it. It also has a nice 2 m-pixel cam with nice video-mode, lots better then my regular digicam, so also expect some more photo’s and video’s on the blog.

There are still some more items on my wishlist, a Squeezebox being the top-most item currently, though I’m still looking into the various alternatives like the Roku which tends to go for less then half the price of the Squeezebox.

P.S. That new Nokia and T-Mobile subscription also mean I got a new phone number… If you need it, drop me a line, though I will be carrying around my old phone for a while (and keeping it too, but it won’t be turned on outside of office hours)