Walibi World (née Sixflags)

So today Wi11ow and me went to Walibi World (née Sixflags, née Walibi Flevo). It was a beautiful day, with 30 degrees, a clear blue sky and hardly any wind. We got there quite early (10:30) and could immediately get in the park without any queues . The first ride we wanted to do, Xpress (née Superman the ride) was closed, so we headed on for El Condor, and then 2 quick runs of Goliath (with < 3 minutes waiting every time). After a quick snack we continued our way though the park, doing some more rides (Crazy River, El Rio Grande, La Via Volta, Flying Dutchman, and the ferris-wheel). We also enjoyed the King Solomon’s Show with some nice stunts and comedy. The only rides that had any queues to speak of were the water-related rides… but even there we only had to wait 5 and 15 minutes max. Later in the day Xpress opened again, so we got to ride it before going home. The only closed ride was the wooden coaster… which was a shame, since these are my favorite.

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