Megabit — Pre-Event

Friday I went to the megabit site to help with building up the infrastructure. Everything went quite well, as all the tents and the fences were already setup, including the tent my company rented. There were some minor issues with the company supplying the generator and power-equipment, as they didn’t have any orders for items, and were all out of stock. One quick call to bredenoord, and 2 hours waiting later we had a 250KVA generator and all the power-equipment we needed.

On saturday evening I dropped by again, and practically everything was finished, so there was no need to be back on sunday. So on sunday Willow and me had a bbq with my parents and brother. Monday morning it was time to pick up ^God and drive to Megabit.

Walibi World (née Sixflags)

So today Wi11ow and me went to Walibi World (née Sixflags, née Walibi Flevo). It was a beautiful day, with 30 degrees, a clear blue sky and hardly any wind. We got there quite early (10:30) and could immediately get in the park without any queues . The first ride we wanted to do, Xpress (née Superman the ride) was closed, so we headed on for El Condor, and then 2 quick runs of Goliath (with < 3 minutes waiting every time). After a quick snack we continued our way though the park, doing some more rides (Crazy River, El Rio Grande, La Via Volta, Flying Dutchman, and the ferris-wheel). We also enjoyed the King Solomon’s Show with some nice stunts and comedy. The only rides that had any queues to speak of were the water-related rides… but even there we only had to wait 5 and 15 minutes max. Later in the day Xpress opened again, so we got to ride it before going home. The only closed ride was the wooden coaster… which was a shame, since these are my favorite.

Birthday party…

My birthday was last week, and willow got me some very nice gifts. I so love her ;). We also went for dinner with my parents, which turned out better then expected. This saturday I had the large birthday party with friends, and about 15 people showed up for some drinks. So many thanks to all who came (Habbie, Liessa, Dexter1, Fem, Illogic, Deckardt, Flar, M4, Earle, Derstarsh, Tla, BugBlue, Tjerk, Danielle and Willow (naturally).

I’ll also have to post some pictures of the Lart-kit I received from M4…. the kit might come in very handy at work

image 1
image 2
image 3