Darwin Awards Prospective Candidate

Nu.nl reports (dutch) the following (roughly translated)

New driver causes chaos,

Rotterdam, june 22, 2006

A 27 year old inhabitant of Rotterdam who had recently received his drivers license has had to give it back. He’s been charged with attempted homicide and has been hospitalized after wrecking his car.

The police checked the driver wednesday night, and found out he had been drinking. His drivers license was taken, and he received a 12 hour driving ban. Shortly after the police caught him driving again, and ignoring a stop-sign he fled the cops. Running many red lights, using bike-paths and nearly ramming a police-vehicule he finally hit a curb and crashed into a lamppost. The fire-department had to free the man from his toppled over car.

Somehow this doesn’t strike me as particularly intelligent… besides just getting his driver’s license at the ripe age of 27, drinking and driving isn’t particularly smart. Driving again after getting held up by the police is really dumb, and then trying to escape is outright stupid, especially while drunk and an unexperienced driver.

I’m sure we’ll hear more from this prospect in the coming years… let’s just hope he kills himself before he kills a more intelligent person with his antics. 

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