Camera Japan — Drive — SABU

Yesterday evening Wi11ow and I went to the movie ‘Drive‘, shot from the moviewhich was playing in the Amsterdam Melkweg , as part of the Camera Japan filmfestival . The movie is about a rather preculiar man and a group of bankrobbers who happen to storm into his car and kidnap him. The leader of the bankrobbers has taken off with the money, leaving his mates behind. They hop into the nearest car and tell the driver to ‘follow that car’ 😉

However, the driver of this car is a rather interesting man, following all traffic-rules too the letter, never speeding above 40, waiting for every traffic-light, and not making illegal turns. This drives the bankrobbers mad, as they quickly loose track of their leader.

The remainder of the movie describes the weird situations the various robbers get into, how their lives change in interesting ways after meeting the driver. The movie has great humor and imagery, and I recommend everyone interested in alterative foreign movies to take a look. During the next week it’ll play in The Hague and Rotterdam, so check out for more info.

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