Weekend trip with the company…

This weekend will be the Snow.nl spring-break trip… And they’ve outdone themselves this year, we are going to the Belgian Ardennen area, and they’ve organised quadding, paintball games and (but i’ll not be doing that) flying-lessons in chessna’s. Willow will also be spending this weekend with me, so i’m happy. I also heard today that Deckardt will be joining Snow.nl in a short time, so he and Flar will also be dropping by for the bbq.

Expect some good stories and pictures after the weekend 

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2 thoughts on “Weekend trip with the company…”

  1. Ik schrijf ook maar op wat mij verteld is… maar het is in ieder geval in belgisch limburg ;). Hoe dan ook… volgens mij is dat best een prettige omgeving. 

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