Pretty Girls Make Graves — The Nocturnal House

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Hot blood red
You’ve got a hold right through my chest
Let me catch my breath

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Weekend trip with the company…

This weekend will be the spring-break trip… And they’ve outdone themselves this year, we are going to the Belgian Ardennen area, and they’ve organised quadding, paintball games and (but i’ll not be doing that) flying-lessons in chessna’s. Willow will also be spending this weekend with me, so i’m happy. I also heard today that Deckardt will be joining in a short time, so he and Flar will also be dropping by for the bbq.

Expect some good stories and pictures after the weekend 

Why would you block pgp-signed e-mail ?

I got this bounce today on an e-mail I sent… (roughly translated from dutch, and censored)

Your message with subject: X  and dated 2006/05/17 11:50:00 was refused.
Organisation X does not accept encrypted or signed messages.

I can understand them refusing encrypted messages, because as a governmental organisation they probably need to get unblocked access to all the messages without needing keys and stuff… but why block pgp-message-signing… My mailer auto-signs all messages I send, unless I explicitly tell it not to. No harm done in adding a signature at all times, so what’s the rationale here ? 

Elvis Costello – I Want You

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I want you
You’ve had your fun you don’t get well no more
I want you
Your fingernails go dragging down the wall
Be careful darling you might fall

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LinuxTAG day 3 — LVM2 Insiders

Insiders guide to Linux LVM2 – Alasdair Kergon – Redhat – 2006/05/05

Advantages of LVM
– Filesystems can extend across disks
– Data can be moved to other disks while in use
– Snapshots
– Hardware config hidden from software

Device Mapper
– Generic kernel framework for volume management
– Modular framework for block devices that map I/O to/from
existing devices based on a table of rules
– Written as a replacement for in-kernel LVM code
– Included in 2.6 kernel

EVMS -> Directly to devmapper
LVM2 -> talk to libdevmapper which talks to devmapper

– Writable snapshots implementation
– Copy-on-write
– Run fsck on a snapshot to find out if a fsck is required on the
real data/disks

– dmsetup
– LVM2
– cryptsetup
– dmraid
– multipath tools

A PV is an ordered list of raw device segments
A VG consists of unordered lists of PV’s and LV’s
A LV is an ordered list of LV segments
A LV-Segment is a mapping applied to an ordered list of
PV-segments or LV segments

Label – one sector near the start of the PV
– Header – Points to label data
– Data – Points to metadata areas and data areas

For larger installations, increate metadata size in PV (default is fine for home-use, not production)

LMV2 tools
– Single binary (argv[0] )
– Unified cmdline processing
– Supports metadata formats via loadable modules (lvm1, lvm2, gfs)
– Customizable logging
– much more
– pvs, lvs, vgs -> replacements for displayvg, displaylv etc…
– put tags on lv, pv or vg, and specify groups by a tag

DevMapper Roadmap
– Minimime lock times
– Allow some ioctl’s to non-root users
– Netlink interface — day 1

So after a last minute party (sim, grats with the new job) last night (and mono and tara are nice pubs) and therefore a really really late night, I got up somewhat early this morning (but not as early as originally planned) and packed for LinuxTAG  in Wiesbaden, Germany . At around 8:00 I was ready to leave home. I arrived in Wiesbaden and entered the conference building (Rhein-Main-Hallen) around 12:30, which gave me more then enough time to register, look around a bit and attend the first lecture (Kismet and GPSDrive) at 13:00.

After the kismet lecture I went for a talk with the OpenBSD and LPI guys and then decided to check the wifi-connection. Everything seems to work, though I am missing some routes towards my home-box. Today aren’t too many interesting (and english) lectures, so maybe I’ll go check out the city somewhat… From what I’ve seen it’s beatiful, and I’m dead-smack in the city-center (parking hell). The train-station here is breathtaking. I’ll be heading over to N’s place later this evening to crash there… thanx N.


So… at they want to get you to buy your music from web-stores, and not just download your tracks… while I agree that artists might need to be payed for their work, I do not support the current methods, prices and techniques (drm, windows media). So, for the time being I’ll just keep ordering tracks from, or just getting them from torrent or usenet.

Truefan does allow you to make nice images… like these: is cheaper

Orson — No Tomorrow

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(lyrics Jason Pebworth)

Let’s go to a rave,
And behave like we’re trippin’
Simply ’cause we’re so in love.
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