The Killers — Mr Brightside (remix)

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6 thoughts on “The Killers — Mr Brightside (remix)”

  1. PLEASE. send me this song. somehow. PLEASE. I NEED IT FOR MY MYSPACE! thanks so much. i heard it on XM radio a very long time ago, and i just couldn’t stop thinking about it. who made it? its amazing

  2.  Hey there!! uhhh.. could i ask you a favor please??? i’ve been trying all night to get this song but i cant figure out WHICH remix it is.. there are TONS of different remixs to Mr. Brightside… so.. umm. i was wondering if you could PLEASE pretty PLEASE send this song to me vera email or something… please? i would really appreciate it! thank you!

  3. hey, if you find out how to put that song on your myspace let me know. i want to put it on mine too, thank you 🙂

  4. please-please please i want it for my space and i’m trying about 3 hours to get it.i’ll apreciate if you can send me the greatest song of all

  5. ID3 tag info for the mix:

    Title : Mr. Brightside
    Artist : The killers
    Album : Sensation White 2005 CD2

    Use view source, and you should be able to find the url to the mp3 🙂 … can’t help you further 🙂

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