Busy around the house…

I Curtain is up ;)finally borrowed a heavy drill, capable of actually punching a hole in my walls, so I could finally (after months) get around to putting up a curtain (as a room-seperator between my living room and my office/computer room)

The results can be seen in this picture 🙂

Flar’s housewarming party

Yesterday started with getting up nice and late (14:00) after some late night WoW sessions from the day before. In the afternoon I went to ‘Van Leest’ in amstelveen to pick up concert tickets for Vive La Fete next week. After a quick visit to my parents I headed to Flar‘s housewarming party, all across the country in Arnhem. After a short tour of the city, as some roads my sat-nav sent me on were closed for construction, I got to Flar’s place around 21:30. Besides Flar and Deckard, there were Habbie, Liessa, Snore, Veenbeest, Illogic, Die-An, Wiebel, Valk, Dee-Dee, Vincent and me. We had some great fun talking and drinking whiskey and vodka :). At around 2 o’clock we finally called it a night and I left back for home again.

The Knife — Silent Shout — Full Album

Creative surfing++

Here is the entire album in average-quality wma-streams, either listen to them streaming, or use a stream-ripper to download. I used mplayer, but mimms also works nicely.

1. Silent Shout
2. Neverland
3. The Captain
4. We Share Our Mothers Health
5. Na Na Na
6. Marble House
7. Like A Pen
8. From Off To On
9. Forest Families
10. One Hit
11. Still Light

They’re not all hit-quality, but it’s a nice album….

What were they smoking when they wrote this

[quote from gamasutra]
A controversial new academic study has suggested that playing violent video games can lead young men to believe it is acceptable to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, according to research conducted by Dr. Sonya Brady at the University of California, San Francisco and Professor Karen Matthews at the University of Pittsburgh.

But it IS acceptable to smoke a joint or have a drink… at least in this country…
and also in that one (as long as you do it in the privacy of your own home, and don’t tell any cops)

Or have I been playing too many violent video-games and has this warped my fragile little mind ?

Abstract of the study can be found on this weird host: archpedi.ama-assn.org

Minor theme changes…

On the header bar (next to the date, all the way in the top-left corner) there should now be ‘older’ and ‘newer’ links, to facilitate paging through the older posts.

Update 2006/04/12: There are now also links for the previous and next posting in the single-post view (comment-view)

Update 2006/04/13: Replaced header image with customized version

Depeche Mode – Touring the Angel – Pre-Show DJ-Set

This is the pre-show DJ-set I mentioned earlier… great music 😉
After the opening act, but before the band take the stage, the venue has
been filled with a special pre-show DJ set recorded by Martin

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This should be the track listing of the mix set.

01 – “Vegetables” – Audion, SuckFish
02 – “Winter Green” – Lawrence, The Absence Of Blight
03 – “Rebird” – Metope, Kobol
04 – “Hot Sugar Candy Apple Taffy” – Heartthrob, Minimize to Maximize
05 – “Lost In Sound” – Alex Smoke, Incommunicado
06 – “Sinsentrikken Ut I 2 Spor” – Woody McBride, Demosessions May 2002
07 – “Cooling The Plasma” – Rene Breitbarth, With A Little Luck
08 – “33” – Metope, Kobol
09 – “Yak” – Motor, Sweatbox
10 – “The Dancing Box” – James T Cotton, The Dancing Box
11 – “An Army Of Watt” – T. Raumschmiere, Blitzkrieg Pop

Proxytunnel changes … getpass

Always nice that by fixxing 1 problem, you also fix another. Cygwin had some issues with getpass not working quite right, but I had no haste in fixing that, since there were multiple work-arounds. This morning I got a mail from someone who had some other problems with getpass, only this time on HP-SUX and Slowaris, which limit the password size to 8 characters… (how modern and state-of-the-art). So a short search through my home-dir got me readpassphrase.c from openssh‘s openbsd-compat directory. Some hacking later I had a tested and working getpass replacement (getpass_x, just for sake of simplicity) hacked into the developer cvs tree. I’ve tested it on linux and cygwin, and noticed it fixed the old cygwin problem too 😉 *great*. I’ll probably release it as soon as the user that reported it lets me know it works on hp and sun. In the mean time, pray that the public cvs has been updated, or bug me for it 🙂

Only in belgium….

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

.eu hitting the net in full force

Today was the start of the landrush phase of .eu registrations… I managed to be just in time for the landrush to try and get a few domainnames… but they were gone before the queue at the ISP got to them. Later today I managed to get 2 domainnames, one for a friend (his last name) and unixexpert.eu for myself. Now to decide what to do with it… for the moment it’s directing here, but i’ll probably put some unix related stuff up there.