Koninginnenach & World Of Warcraft party

So Vegana and Fem invited Aradion, Wyrdrune, Habbie, Liessa and me over for a weekend-long world-of-warcraft party and a visit to the Koninginnenach in The Hague. Friday evening we all went to Vegana’s place, and built-up the lan. We played some wow for a few hours and then went into the city-center to get some drinks, join the fun and watch Vive la Fete.After the Vive la Fete show we walked around the city-center to eventually end up at the Fiddler, where we enjoyed large quantities of fiddler pale ale and guinness, the Fiddler was completely stuffed, and a band was playing live (irish mostly) music, so it was great fun. Afterwards we went to another bar/restaurant, where they had a couple of DJ’s playing somewhat more dancey music, and around 3 am we went back to Vegana’s place to play some more WoW… We decided to set-up some new alts and try to beat hogger (a level 11 elite) with characters as low as we could. We first tried it with a group of 5 level 4 characters to see if it would be possible, but as level 4 it’s not possible to get a single hit in. We came back a bit later with 6 people with level 5 and 6 characters, and we managed to down the Hogger twice with this group. No experience or items, since we were in a raid, but we proved it should be more then possible with 5 level 5 characters 🙂

The next morning we happily continued with WoW (after some seriously needed sleep). Tomorrow is the last day of this wow extravaganza, but i’ll have to leave early, since I have a DnD session planned (offline WoW)…. Thank god I have monday and tuesday to rest a bit before heading off to Germany for LinuxTAG.

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