ISP kartcompetition

Saturday Kart-Racingwas the ISP kartcompetition 2006. I must say I’ve had a really great time all day… After waking early and doing some groceries I went to mdf’s place to pick up Janneke, and we drove to Huizen for the competition. When I got there we found Flar at the door, and a few minuted later I ran into most of my work’s team. After registering and putting on the team-overall‘s I proceded inside to sign up for the races. We would be racing on heat 13, at 15:00 and 17:50. That meant more then enough time to hang around, chat with people, have a few drinks and make nice pictures. The first heat we had to race was on the ‘Monaco’ cirquit. Not a very long one, but the carts were nice and hot, making skidding around the turns great. I ended up 7th. The rest of the Snow team also did very well. Janneke also raced in this heat, but was a bit too small for the cart, and helmet, having trouble to reach the pedals, so she decided to skip the second heat. After the race we went back to the BBned lounge, where we crashed into some very comfy bags while listening to‘s dj’s. Here we spent a couple of hours handing around with Willow, Habbie, Snore, Flar, Deckard, Shivan, Burne and many others.
In my second heat I had to drive the francorchamps track… but this didn’t go so well… I was constantly battling with 4-5 other people to get through the corners, which resulted in crappy lap-times. After the ending ceremony the Snow team went to a restaurant to have dinner and discuss the afternoon. The overall opinion is that we need to be here again next year, and that we need to think of other nice actions to make ourselves known to the world.

Get ready for some nice things at Megabit 2006…. I’m sure Snow will make an impression there 🙂

Today (sunday) I went shopping and came home with my very own lounge-bag 😉 damn this is nice to sit in 🙂

Check the pictures of the carting and the bigboy-clone bag 🙂

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