Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2006

This week was/is the 2006 edition of the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. This saturday I went to see Confederate States of America (imdb) with Willow in the tiny theather UitKijk. C.S.A is currently the highest rated movie :). It is portrayed as a documentary about the history of the Confederate States of America, made by the britisch, showed on the American TV. You get to see the documentary intermixed with news announcements, advertisements and program announcements, just like you were watching TV, only it is set in a world where the southern states have won the civil war. It has a very interesting view on the world as it could have been with some subtle changes throughout history, and is it all that much different in the end?

Monday I went to Calypso and watched ‘Seven Swords‘, (imdb) a 150 minute long martial-arts movie set in 17th century china. This was a beautifully made movie, with great set designs which color use reminded me of ‘Hero’ (Ying Xiong). The movie was a bit hard to follow and complex at times, as not all texts were translated, and it’s not always clear that the characters in the movie couldn’t understand one-another (since they were speaking various languages that all look chinese to the casual western viewer, and they were al translated equally in english). While entertaining it wasn’t quite up to my expectations, but I can recommend either ‘Hero’ or ‘Seven Samurai’. I also set a new land-speed-record driving home that night, in only 27 minutes 😉

I’m planning on watching ‘Dragon Head‘ (imdb) tonight at 22:00. Dragon Head is based on a Manga and tells the story of some school-kids who are the only survivors of a train-crash. When they crawl out of the wreckage they notice the entire world around them has changed… I have some high expectations of this one… anyone wanna join me at Calypso that would be fun 😉

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