Response to Shelley The Republican — Linux Threat to our Computers

In this posting i’ll write my response to the article written by Tristan Shuddery and posted on

The original article by Tristan is blockquoted, my responses are below his paragraphs.

Like most things that are worth owning, Computers are an American invention. Look at any modern computer and you will see that the whole thing is the product of American brilliance.

As stated in the comments as well, computers are not an American invention, but a German or Britisch invention. Practically all parts of modern computers are manufactured in China, Taiwan and other parts of asia, only some parts are actually still designed by american companies.

For example, this rugged IBM laptop I am using was designed and built by an American company. It runs software built by Microsoft, one of America’s most productive organizations. My computer does everything I could possibly want: I can do my work, submit my taxes and even search the Bible.

That rugged IBM (Thinkpad I assume) is now created by the Chinese company Lenovo, all parts in it are either Chinese or from Taiwan (which the chinese consider part of China as well) Microsoft may be one of the richer and ‘productive’ american companies, but most of their products were developped by other companies that later got bought by microsoft, many of these companies originated outside the US.

Like all the greatest American engineering, it’s an example of innovation that makes a growing group of European and Chinese hackers jealous. They hate our lead in computing technology and will stop at nothing until they have control of all of our computers.

Trust us… we are not in the least jealous of America, try solving the problems abundant in your own country first, and we might consider visiting it once in a while. America isn’t all it’s cooked up to be.

I’m talking about a project called ‘Linux’, something you may not have encountered, but might do some day. It’s a computer program that was initially developed in Finland as a means of circumventing valuable copyrights and patents owned by an American company called SCO Group.

Linux wasn’t developed as a means of circumventing copyrights and patents, it was developed as a school side-project, hobby and mostly fun activity. SCO has yet to show an ounce of evidence that Linux contains SCO copyrighted code (which is not licensed under the GNU GPL license). SCO is only using mafia tactics of scaring and buggering without any proof.

Unlike Windows, which is a mature commercial product which is normally included with every new computer, Linux is given away. Now it may not sound like much of a problem, after all there is very little profit in merely giving a product away.

So what’s your problem… I though America was this great (perceived) open market with competition being highly valued, a better and cheaper product comes along and you do not accept this new chou as a good situation.

This would be certainly true were in not for the Linux project’s seductive Marxist ideology and the effect that it has on ‘Blue-State’ liberals. Indeed, Linux is so pervasive amongst the blue states and many liberal universities that a leading computer expert Steve Balmer (from Microsoft) described Linux as cancer.

Would that be the same Steve Balmer who throws around chairs in his office, shouting "I’ll fucking KILL google !!!", and dances around like a monkey shouting his lungs out at a Microsoft developer meeting. Somehow the image Linus Torvalds gives off looks a lot more sane and accepted. Microsoft will just have to learn to live with the fact that they no longer are the only kid-on-the-block that can bully everyone out of their lunch-money, since people now have a good choice as to where they spend their money, and what software they run on their computers.

The American software industry is worth more than $7 Billion; Introducing a foreign product like Linux which is often copied for free could threaten that entire industry. A generation of computer users might get use to accepting foreign software hand-outs rather than paying for a superior American products. If only the danger were just to our economy:

You might be interested to know that the biggest Linux vendor, RedHat, is a American company, and they are doing quite well, considering they are ‘giving away’ their product. They’ve learned to sell services on top of their product.

These days computers control everything from TV stations to battleships; Our crucial information and defense infrastructure is built on computer technology. If we allow this cancer into our networks, there is no knowing what the effect might be on our infrastructure, but that is just what liberals are trying to do.

And how is this restricted to linux. The applications that manage this crucial infrastructure are either written by American companies, or by foreign companies, independant on wether they run on Linux, Windows or other proprietary (Unix) systems. There are rules on the quality of these systems, and major infrastructure and defence projects usually involve large audit projects to verify code quality and security.

Imagine if the State of the Union address were hacked because the TV station decided to save money by using Linux? Imagine if a stealth-bomber crashed because it’s software was written by anonymous Chinese or European hackers. It would make as much sense as inviting the French to come over and take over the White-House.

Imagine this happening when the systems were running Windows… Oh wait… that happens quite often, and usually those systems are running Windows. I’m assuming the US Army/Navy writes their own software for bombers and navy-ships, independant of the operating system that runs under those application.

And guess what software Osama Bin Laden uses on his laptop?

If you were a terrorist, would you use an operating system you have no control over, which might be full of back-doors controlled by the US government (and probably others). Seems like common-sense to me.

If you guessed it was Linux you would be 100% right. Osama uses Linux because he knows designed to counterfit DVDs, curcumventing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and defraud companies like Disney.

Linux isn’t designed to counterfit DVD’s or circumvent the DMCA. Professional DVD counterfeiters use professional dvd factories, and replicating DVD’s doesn’t require breaking any protection or encryption, as this is just copied along with the rest of the disc. The DMCA only has power in the USA. If America desides to limit it’s own companies, while foreign companies are not bothered by useless legislation it limits their competitive value, so go right ahead, the rest of the world won’t be bugged by it, you are only limiting yourselves.

Next time somebody asks you how Al Queda agents pay for their rifles and rocket launchers, you can tell them that foreign hackers make software called Linux which helps them steal from Americans.

This has nothing to do with Linux, and I’m quite sure these ‘foreign hackers’ mostly abuse the millions of spyware and virus-ridden windows machines of consumers all over the world, using them for spam, scams and blackmail (ddos threats)

This Linux problem is a growing issue, and one that conservative Americans cannot afford to ignore. Fortunately Microsoft have prepared a great deal of information to help computer users get away from this menace. But there is something you can do to help keep American #1 in the computer business:

Conservative Americans need to pull their head out of their asses (or the ground), wake up and smell the coffee, there is a free-market-economy out ther
e, there is choice, and the competition is doing it a lot better and cheaper.

If one of your friends is using Linux or may be tempted to try it show them this article. Explain that Linux is a genuine threat and that by using it they may be opening their computer to Chinese hackers.

Also tell them this article is full of mis-information, FUD and outright lies. Also tell them that their values windows machines are under constant threat and attack from thousands of hackers, malicious websites and virus-infections, and that the average linux or macintosh system are not bothered by these issues. A carefully protected, installed and maintained linux system completly inpenetrable. However, what is usually the problem, with windows, but also mac and linux systems, is that un-educated users are the largest cause of trouble. By running insecure mail applications, webbrowsers and applications, opening strange e-mails and falling victim to obvious frauds.

If you see a company using Linux, it may be that they have not paid for this software. Report them to the Business Software Alliance who have the legal authority to inspect any company’s computers for illegal programs like Linux.

Linux is no illegal program, and it’s free for everyone to use. If you see a company using Linux, think good of them, since they decided to spend a lot less on their IT infrastructure, thereby making their products cheaper for you, the end-user.

Finally, remember to include Linux users in your prayers tonight. As individuals we may not be able to change people’s minds, but the Bible teaches that God can make any sinner repent.

No comment… but don’t bother, i’m an atheist ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun in the (non existant) afterlife, i’ll have my fun in this life if you don’t mind, and also if you DO mind.

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  1. It scares me that these people could very well be serious. They base their whole lives on their beliefs that the world is flat and all the planets revolve around the earth… of I ever include anyone in my ‘prayers’, it’s them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You have surely been told this already, but here it goes just in case: that article was not for real. It’s creator is known for satirizing such kind of behaviours

  3. Yeah… that became very clear to me after reading some of his other articles… the question remains…. is shelley also a troll… or is she blindly believing Tristan and really that daft.

  4. I like how her own site is hosted on a linux box and how she comments on that: At Wednesday, April 26, 2006 6:15:39 AM, Shelley said… Sorry, I think you are a liar. Me and linux hosting? Never! PS.: Commenting in Safari doesn’t work, after submitting I get an empty page saying "Error: please type a comment."

  5. Ok…. at least some good news ๐Ÿ˜‰ states the following (which should make us all feel a lot better) is a satirical entertainment web site. "Shelley"* and her friends are fictional characters (*created 1999). Shelley’s opinions are an amalgam of many of the right-wing pundits who are frequently featured on conservative TV and talk-radio.

    Shelley’s views are outrageous, offensive and wrong, but no more so than the right-wing pundits that saturate our media. The purpose of this website is to point out how utterly absurd these right-wing views are. The fact that you had a lingering doubt that she was "for real" meant that you too agree that Shelley’s opinions reflect what some Republicans actually believe.

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