rrdtool graph showing a nice growth ;) Without getting into too much detail, it seems the number of users is going nicely. 50% growth in less then 5 months, and all monitoring and statistics are still going stong it seems.

Interesting article (though somewhat old) about copyrights and derived works

Slate published this article about copyrights (by Tim Wu, who is a professor at Columbia Law School and co-author of Who Controls the Internet? ) in respect to the Harry Potter / Tanya Grotter case. Even though it’s almost 3 years old, it’s still a very interesting and enlightning read.

In the end, few people are likely to mistake Tanya Grotter for Harry Potter; it is akin to mistaking Burger King for McDonald’s. The international copyright system is justified in preventing the most basic forms of piracy. But it doesn’t need to stop works like Tanya Grotter. The original Harry Potter is good enough to compete with its foreign cousins. So let a hundred Harrys bloom and let a hundred schools of magic contend.

Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2006

This week was/is the 2006 edition of the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. This saturday I went to see Confederate States of America (imdb) with Willow in the tiny theather UitKijk. C.S.A is currently the highest rated movie :). It is portrayed as a documentary about the history of the Confederate States of America, made by the britisch, showed on the American TV. You get to see the documentary intermixed with news announcements, advertisements and program announcements, just like you were watching TV, only it is set in a world where the southern states have won the civil war. It has a very interesting view on the world as it could have been with some subtle changes throughout history, and is it all that much different in the end?

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