Trip to CeBIT

I went to CeBIT in Hannover this year with a group of collegues. We ended up with more then 10 people going there and off-course losing each-other within a few minutes. We spent most of the day running around the various (~20) halls looking at all the new hardware. We thought that there weren’t any really revolutionary gadgets, just minor increments over ‘current’ or ‘known’ stuff. Of course it’s nice to look at a 102″ Plasma screen, and seeing 80+” Quad-HDTV screens, but it’s not earth-shaking technology. The Quad-HDTV resolution screens were really beautifull, displaying a nice slideshow of classic paintings, looking as real as if you were in the museum, even from 10 cm.
The various small stands from korean, chinese and taiwanese unknown companies usually carry the more interesting little gadgets which we might, or most likely will not, see in the near future. Some of these gadgets include:

  • USB-Memory sticks in various interesting formats, forms, colors and shapes.
  • Laptop (USB) DVB adapters
  • SD and MMC cards with integrated led’s (how you’ll ever see them burning is still something i’m thinking about)
  • VOIP-Phones, ATA’s
  • Headsets, skype handsets
  • Tiny laptops, pocket-pc’s
  • Many many many TFT screens
  • RFID tags, readers and scanners

There were some really large stands from the huge megacorporations (Sony-Ericson, Samsung, T-Com, Vodafone, O2, IBM, Microsoft), of which I thought the O2 was the nicest. It had a roof consisting of thousands of glas/pastic rods with colored lights behind them, making a waving pattern across the ceiling. Everywhere around were led-bars, scrolling texts and mirrors.

The booth-babes and other crowd-pleasers were prominently present, like ATI’s leather-clad babes, the girls at the flybook notebook stand and the violin playing asian girls at the BENQ? stand.

I’ll try to upload some pictures later…

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