Bumped and bruised

In order to get some practice runs in before the ISP-kartcompetition, the Snow team did 2 heats on the kart-arena in Maarssen yesterday evening. The first heat was just the 4 of us, with 2 people joining halfway. The second heat was maybe with 7-8 people. The track in Maarssen is quite long, about a kilometer, so laptimes were between 50 and 60 seconds. The course had a nice layout with some good long straights and some nasty hairpins and s-curves. I haven’t raced all year, so this morning I noticed the results, a nice collection of bumps and bruises and a good dose of muscle ache in places where you never escpect to have muscles 😉
Next week is the real competition, so we are at least somewhat prepared now 😉

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