Lotjuh back in NL

Lotjuh was back in the Netherlands for a week, so we planned a nice get-together in the Beiaard in Amsterdam. People present were: Lotjuh, BenV, Sabri, MDF, Janneke, Webmind, Rodecker, FM, Flar, Deckard, Faragon, Veenbeest and me. It was nice seeing Lotjuh again, and we had lots to talk about over some drinks and burgers, with her showing a large collection (~500) pictures on her digicam. Veenbeest had also just arrived directly from the airport from his trip to the Oekraine, also with very nice pictures if I may say so myself 😉

I assume some of the pictures taken in the Beiaard will find their way to yorine.nl very soon… actually… I fear they will…

Am I so smart, or are they so dumb

In Homer's Braintodays issue of nu.nl there’s an article stating that the Dutch and German people are the smarted (IQ-test wise) of europe with an average IQ of 107, with Belgium at 99 and Spain (98) and France (94) further down the line. So, if I live in the smartest country in Europe, why am I surrounded by so many dumb idiots. I know my IQ may be high, even for dutch standards, but some people really bring down the average, you wonder how they even get out of bed in the morning.