So, I arrived in Brussels yesterday morning to attend FOSDEM. There were some interesting lectures, and I spent quite some time hacking on proxytunnel, since there was no internet connectivity. This morning I finally got a half-decent wifi-connection that actually routes packets so I could finally update the cvs-tree and read up on my mail and weblog 🙂

I tried looking for a club or something yesterday evening, because the hotel sucks and there is really nothing to do in the evenings at fosdem. I spent about 2-3 hours walking around the center of brussels, looking for somewhere nice, but I didn’t manage to find anything. Then I needed to find my car again which took quite some time (walking in completely the wrong direction…). Brussels is really hell on directions and traffic… I’m lucky to have a nav-system in my pocket, or I would never find my way here.

Today is the last day of fosdem, so a few more lectures and then it’s time to get something to eat and head back north 😉

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One thought on “Fosdem”

  1. I hate to have missed you there. We went to Ghent that evening (to show off the medieval center) and had another seat available.

    If only we had Internet at FOSDEM, we wouldn’t have missed each other…

    (This must be the 4th year without a working Internet at FOSDEM, when will they learn ?)

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