E-Baying for toyzzz

USB Network StickSo I finally took the plunge, and actually bid on some cool devices I saw on e-bay untill I was the highers bidder when the auction closed. I’ve had an e-bay account for a long time, but never actually bought anything yet. Now I have 3 different gadgets lying around the computer-room.

  • Realtek USB 1.1 Fast Ethernet Adapter
  • ADMTek USB 1.1 Fast Ethernet Adapter (bought this one first, but seller didn’t respond)
  • UTP and USB network cable tester

The network-adapters were selling in the 1-2 USD range, but shipping is a lot more. The realtek one actually came from the Netherlands, so shipping was quite cheap (compared to the hongkong items). I haven’t been able to test the network-cable tester, as it needs ‘batteries not included’ ;) … Nice manual too… chinese and all

The fun part is that both usb network adapters worked flawlessly in Linux, but both required quite some trouble to get working in windows XP.

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